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Sewer and Septic System Line InspectionCameras take the guesswork out of drain problems. When your home has a serious drain problem our Inspection Camera lets us visually inspect the interiors of pipes. This is a tremendous advantage when troubleshooting persistent drain problems. Whether you want to inspect a sewer line or your full septic system, are self- leveling color camera has 200 foot of push rod length which allows us to determine where the problems are occurring. Isaacs Pumping’s inspection cameras are equipped with a radio transmitter that gives us the exact location and depth of the camera head, allowing us to map out the entire path of the pipe line and its elevations. We can camera lines from 3”- 12” and have recording capabilities using an SD card reader. Recording can be transferred via SD card, which can include video and still images.  

Above: Owner Norm Tibbetts is viewing the condition of this storm drain. The storm drain was just hydro-jetted and cleared out.

Left: On this job we determined where the breaks were in the sewer. This helped keep the construction and repair process to a minimum.

Camera Prices: $200 per hour, one hour 
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