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Isaacs Pumping Service has been doing line repairs and installation for the past 5 years. Norm brought in his nephew Luke Duffy to focus on all the excavating work. We have done repairs as simple as hand digs to full system replacements. All Excavating work that is completed on your property is usually left at a finish final landscaping. The final landscaping can include topsoil and hydro-seed over the excavated site. 

Think you might need a new septic tank? A life of a steel tank is anywhere from 20-30 years. In order to get a tank replacement an engineer would need to be involved. We have an Engineer contact you and go over the different scenarios and options. Once the Engineer has communicated with you, we will happily give you an estimate of the cost of construction. All installations of tank replacements, new septic systems, and drain field additions will be overseen and signed off by an Engineer. Septic repairs, such as offset lines do not need the oversight of an Engineer.

For information on Onsite Water & Wastewater visit the Municipality of Anchorage website:

  • Septic Line Repairs
  • Tank Replacements/ Drainfield Additions
  • Sewer Line Repairs
  • Advanced Septic System Installation

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