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Hydro-jetting sewer lines, septic lines, & storm drains

Hyrdo-jetting is a process that uses high speed/ high-pressure water to clear blockages in pipe systems. Jetting is used to clear and clean septic lines, sewer lines, drain fields, storm drains, grease traps and various blocked lines. This is typically the first approach in clearing blocked lines. Hydro-jetting systems have heavy duty jetting tips attached to high psi hose. The water is pumped through the hose at a rate of Gallons Per Minute or GPM and with tremendous pressure. This combination can cut through tough build up in lines including grease, sand, and roots.

Hydro-jetting should be a regular maintenance consideration for businesses such as restaurants and food processors that are subject to unusual grease and oil by-products. We would also recommend to have your drainfield hydro-jetted to help the longevity of the drainfield. 

Benefits of Hydro-jetting:

  1. Clears lines from debris and build up to allow good flow
  2. Helps keep the longevity of lines by keeping the clean to help prevent rapid corrosion or breaks from occurring due to excessive build up
  3. Maintaining line will help avoid excavating which can be very costly


Norm Tibbetts shown above is hydro-jetting a storm drain. The jetting will break up and pull the sand and debris towards the manhole. There the debris is pumped out by the truck.

  • Please contact office for hydro jetting prices
Sewer and septic lines can freeze solid with ice causing backups. Our jetter is also equipped with heat to help thaw out and break threw ice in lines.
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